Construction Management

Driven by a team of professional, Spectrum has successfully executed over 300 projects in the past 26 years. The team has always shown exceptional passion and excellence and in turn the happiness and safety of all our employees is not just a priority, but a pre-requisite at Spectrum. At no point are safety and health conditions at the sites or offices compromised. Spectrum has a record “ZERO” Hazards or deaths at any of the sites owing to the strict adherence of work safety norms. Every employee lives up to this core value of health and safety to ensure safety at workplace.

During Construction Management, major emphasis is also given on EHS norms (Environment, Health & Safety).

The Construction Management functions would include:

  • Scheduling, Monitoring and Controlling construction and installation activities
  • Preparation of weekly and monthly activity progress reports, highlighting slippages and suggest ways to expedite work
  • Managing Site logistics
  • Monitoring variations and re plan contractors activities
  • Checking and certification of bills
  • Controlling and monitoring of SHE (Safety, Hygiene and Environment)
  • Monitoring the quality of material arriving at site for each discipline in relation to specification
  • Ensuring availability of all design information and in case of deficiencies providing or obtaining amendments or revisions required to meet field requirements
  • Carrying out site performance tests for mechanical installations
  • Recording and updating all test results, reports and certificates and submit to client
  • Ensuring compilation of As-Built documentation

Project Management

Project management is the most important aspect of project execution as it allows us to stick to the project's deadlines.

Spectrum has a dedicated team of Project Management professionals on staff, as well as systems in place to focus on integrated project planning and control.

These Project Management professionals will highlight all the possible delays and slippages and the possible ways to achieve the project timelines. These delays can be preparation of Engineering drawings with Design Consulting agency or equipment delivery issues or civil contractor work delays or any other reason.

Project Management professionals will coordinate with respective vendor and contractors to escalate delays. Spectrum has a proven track record of executing 200+ projects across different geographies with tight timelines.

With Project Management, Spectrum makes life easy for client by providing an Integrated approach to deliver projects with cost optimization.

In Project Management, Spectrum also notifies design consulting agency if any flaw in designs is found and made to comply with cGMP norms of International Drug Authorities like US FDA, UK MHRA, TGA, EU GMP, PIC/s.

The Project management functions would include:

  • Developing mutually agreed co-ordination procedure defining formal line of communication between Client and Consultant
  • Prepare project schedule to monitor progress of Engineering, Procurement and Construction activities
  • Update schedule of work / bar chart based on the progress of work
  • Conduct periodic co-ordination meetings with Client to review actual progress of work as against planned work schedule and remove bottlenecks
  • Propose cost and safety measures during detailed engineering
  • Provide technical assistance in getting statutory approvals
  • Maintain document control to ensure use of right document at site